Torah Spirituality

Torah Spirituality Resources

Torah for the Nations

Teachings and resources from the Jewish religious tradition for people of all nations, backgrounds and beliefs.

The Weekly Torah Portions

Archive of commentary on the weekly Torah readings by Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov

Know Your Bible

Archive of Commentary on "NaKh": Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Holy Writings)

Spiritual Growth

Inspiration and practical guidance on faith, positive thinking, goal achievement, meditation, prayer, song, dance, joy and friendship.

Health & Healing

Free online books and other resources on the Torah pathway of self-care, preventive healthcare and healing

Earth & Environment

Torah teachings about nature, the environment, the earth, the heavens and humanity's role of responsibility for the welfare of the Universe

Kabbalah & Mysticism

Free online Kabbalistic texts, 10 Sefirot, Kabbalistic Timeline, How to start studying Kabbalah, Questions and Answers