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22-28 Tammuz 5777
16-22 July '17

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Attributes of the month of Tammuz: Ruling permutation of the letters of HAVAYAH: KEH VAV KEH YOD, contained in the concluding Hebrew letters of zeH einenU shoveH lI, "...this is not of worth to me..." (Esther 5:13). The month's corresponding letter is: CHET; Human attribute: VISION; Body Part: RIGHT HAND; Tribe: REUVEN; Constellation: SARTAN (Cancer, the Crab)

Sunday night-Monday 16-17 July / 23 Tammuz

Today is the Yahrzeit of the outstanding kabbalist Rabbi Moshe ben Yaakov Cordovero, "RaMaK" (1522-1570), head of the Safed Mekubalim until the arrival of the ARI. Today is also the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Gedaliah Koenig (1921-80), who established the present-day Breslov community in Safed.

Thursday 20 July / 26 Tammuz

On this day in the year 1187 Saladdin's army defeated the crusaders near Tiberias, signalling the destruction of the crusader kingdom in the Holy Land.

On the same day in 1759, the Baal Shem Tov together with R. Chaim Rapoport of Lvov defeated the Frankists in an open disputation and the day was established as an annual festival for all who follow the path of the Baal Shem Tov in all generations.

Friday night-Saturday 21-22 July / 28 Tammuz
Shabbat Parshat MATOS & MAS'EI

This Shabbat we read the double Torah portion of MATOS & MAS'EI (Numbers 30:2-32:42 and 33:1-36:13), completing the book of Numbers ("Chazak"). The Haftara is the second of the three Hafarot of reproof read during the Three Weeks: Ashkenazim: Jeremiah 2:4-28 & 3:4; Sefardim: Jeremiah 2:4-28 & 4:1-2.

Today is Shabbat Mevarchin blessing the coming month of Av. Rosh Chodesh (the New Moon) will be on Sunday night-Monday 23-24 July. The Molad (junction of the sun and the moon) will be on Sunday 23 July at 22:00 and 14 chalakim p.m.

While the mood on the weekdays of The Three Weeks is somber, this is not so on the Shabbatot in this period, which are occasions for great spiritual elevation and joy.

Sunday 23 July / 29 Tammuz YOM KIPPUR KATAN

Today is observed as Yom Kippur Katan ("small day of atonement"), with optional fasting from dawn until nightfall and penitential prayers for self-purification and atonement in preparation for the coming month of Av.

Today is the Yahrzeit of Rashi -- Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105) outstanding prince of all the commentators on the Five Books of Moses, the rest of the Bible and the Talmud.

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